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The Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC) is a recognized trade union in the province of Alberta. But is CLAC really the choice of employees - or is it the choice of employers? Look at the facts... then decide for yourself.

CLAC – The Choice of Bosses, Not Workers

 Real trade unions pride themselves on democracy and supporting workers, their families and their communities.

 We think CLAC’s not a real trade union.

CLAC’s track record shows that it is the choice of employers, not workers.

CLAC talks about the right of workers to freedom of association, but in practice, CLAC’s employer-friendly model of labour relations restricts the right of workers to freely belong to a union of their choice.

“Critics…say CLAC is the Wal-Mart of the construction industry, undercutting wages, benefits and safety for workers who fought on the picket lines for what they’ve got, and signing up workers without democratic votes.”
 Alberta Venture, May 1, 2008