How Do Walk In Clinics Work in Canada?

If you live in Canada then chances are you have visited a local walk-in clinic recently. In recent years there has been an increase in the number of these health care centers across the entire country from coast to coast. But how do they work? and how much do they cost? Let’s explore some of the most important aspects that are associated with the workings of medical walk in clinics in Canada.

1. OHIP Approved Medical Clinics

Some people may wonder whether walk in clinics are covered under the Canadian healthcare system. The answer is yes, they are fully insured and are a part of the provincial and federal health system that provide healthcare services to the residents of Canadian provinces. People who visit an urgent care clinic should expect to get the same type of medical services that they can expect by visiting a family doctor’s office in one of the big medical buildings.

2. Free for residents of Ontario & Other Provinces

All Canadian citizens and landed immigrants who are residing in Canada get free access to healthcare services. Walk in medical clinics are no exception to this and they fully qualify for access as part of the Canadian health system. In Ontario, all residents who have an OHIP card are able to go to a drop-in health clinic and see a doctor just as easily as they can go to a registered family doctor, or visit a hospital. Therefore, contrary to what some people say, walkin clinics are completely free for the residents of Canadian provinces who quality for healthcare access.

3. Bring Convenience to a Known Problem

If you ask any Canadian about visiting a doctor’s office you will find many stories about hour long waits. There are stories out there about people having to wait as long as four hours to see a doctor in Ontario where the healthcare system is under considerable stress. That is a known problem that many people in Canada have experienced in the past, and having convenient access to walkin clinics is helping resolve this issue. Why? Because it is allowing people the chance to see a doctor without having to make an appointment. In a recent visit to Santa Maria Medical clinic we were able to see a family doctor in less than 15 minutes! And without having to wait for hours – that is something that many people appreciate!

4. Prescription & Pharmacy Services

While this is not applicable in call cases, most walkin clinics today have a pharmacy attached to them. This is good from the perspective of the patient as well as the pharmacy that is on-premise. In today’s fast paced world, people want to be able to fill the prescription immediately after seeing the family doctor or physician. And that is exactly what is provided by today’s modern medical clinics!

5. NOT for Emergencies

Some people mistake after hours medical clinics for emergency facilities. In fact, they are not! Emergencies should and remain as part of the health services delivered by hospitals. Any patients who suffer from an emergency medical need should immediately call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room. A recent rating of all hospital emergency rooms was recently done by the CBC.

Overall, the recent rise in walk-in clinic usage is a great addition to the Canadian healthcare system. It provides people with a quick and easy way to see a doctor in common cases of colds, flus and the such.